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Summary of Services:
1 - What we mean for Localization;
2 - Software Localization Engineering Services;
3 - Software Localization Steps;
4 - Printed/Digital Documentation Localization;
5 - WebSites Localization;
6 - Collateral materials Localization;
7 - Software Quality Assurance and Testing Services;
8 - Software Development - Sviluppo e Porting di Software;
A - FAQ about localization and Italiaware


1 - What Italiaware mean for Localization?
Localization precesses includes all of the tasks needed to adapt a foreign language software/printed/digital material product to a local market. It means much more than just a simple translation.
It always includes further and important steps like proofreading, testing, software quality assurance.

Italiaware works along with several international partner companies; Each localization, when needed, is performed in-country by expert, non-hobbists, professional localizers, Macintosh/Windows experts.

Available language pairs are from English language into:
- Italian
- Spanish
- Portoguese
Other languages, and extra-european languages like Japanese, are under request; please contact us.
We can work with resource files, application files and translation memories.

2 - Software Localization Engineering Services
- Creating and Setting up, if necessary, the build environment and the build structure
- Compiling and building the localized software (if needed/required by Customers)
- Problem Solving of technical problems/linguistical/programming issues that may occur during the localization process
- Functional testing of the software
- Installer builds (optional under request)

3 - Software Localization Steps
- Translation of all the software text strings (resources/other files localization) and images/bitmap localization
- Windows/Dialogs/Sheets Items resizing, if required
- Visual/Functional testing of the localized software (see also no.7)
- Correction of language related errors and cosmetic errors in the localized software
- Bug reporting related to functional/linguistical bugs that may require any code/text modifications

4 - Printed/Digital Documentation Localization
- Translation of all chapters
- Proofreading
- Verification of consistency against the source and localized software
- Translation of any index entries
- Correction of any language related errors

5 - WebSites Localization
- Localization of any HTML documents, art picture
- Adaption of scripting/database access
- Testing of Internet web sites (see also no.7)

6 - Collateral Material Localization
- Translation of packaging text, CD labels, registration card, brochures, or marketing texts, etc.
- Marketing/presentation documents
- Screen captures of the localized environment
- Captures and savings to the preferred file format
- Screen setup of localized environment using the most powerful DTP tools
- Pictures Translation and adaptation to the target language
- Correction of errors

7 - Software Quality Assurance and Testing
- Application of Client's Test Plans or internal Test Plans
- Creation of personalized test plans
- Bug reports submissions
- Test Lab available
- Outsourced Testing of Software nor Hardware

8 - Software Development - Sviluppo e Porting di Software
- For further information, please contact us

The maximum confidentiality is guaranteed!

more information and quotations on request: click here to write us.



A - FAQ about localization and Italiaware

What is Localization?
Localization is the very complex process which aims to adapt the contents and meanings of a software, website, and documentation, into an apposite technical form against the destination country.

Localization is currently much more than a simple translation; It means having much and complex advanced capacities in several fields, being always up-to-date on technical, cultural and lingual evolutions.

So, it is clear is not enough having a simple resource editor to become a localizer; on the contrary, several different skills and huge experience are indispensable.

Italiaware pays big attention to all of the localization processes, keeping quality, experience and knowledge at first places.

Does Italiaware translates/localizes for free?
We do not localize for free. This is a job, hard and complex. We may localize for free for humanitary organizations.

What Italiaware offers?
Italiaware offers the localization of your product, and much more:
- Product promotion and advertising, throught Italiaware's website, other webpages, mailings, press contacts, and other useful and non intrusive tools to perform a good advertising;
- Email support to users in italian language;

Do you also offer other services?

Italiaware localizes and developes websites, with best available technologie. Contact us for further informations.

OK, what about your rates? Can I have a quotation?
Please contact us to get a free quotation for the localization of your product.

How can I collaborate with Italiaware?
Send us you resume via email, we prefer those file formats: .pdf, rtf, txt, (no .doc please, if possible) and a short description of your professional profile and collaboration idea. We'll reply asap.

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